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How to Get Over Being Dumped – 5 Ways to Deal with Getting Dumped

If you’re looking for advice on how to get over being dumped right now then you must be in a terrible place. Dealing with the pain after a break up can be downright unbearable, especially if you’re the one that got dumped. I know because I’ve personally been there myself several times and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. So I decided to write an article that shares…

The 5 Most important Tips for
How to Get Over Being Dumped

how to get over being dumpedStudies have shown that woman are far more likely to end a relationship than men so I’m going to start this article off from a guy’s perspective. However, I’m also going to include some
break up advice for women later on too so don’t worry.

Do you want your ex back or do you
want who they used to be back?

This is a really important question to ask yourself because they will never be the sweet guy or girl that you first met. They will always be the one that dumped you and broke your heart (and perhaps even did some other things too). Can you accept this? Can you truly live with it long term? Will you be able to trust them again? If they come home at 3 am will you be worried?

I hate to be cliché but there are plenty of fish in the sea and you can be just as happy with someone else (and they won’t come with all this baggage).

1. Accept that it’s over

Regardless of whether you want to get back together with your ex or move on, the first thing you need to do is accept that the relationship is over. This is hard to do because it often seems like a surprise but I assure you it’s not. At least not in your ex. Truth is, they’ve probably been thinking about breaking up with you for quite some time now, they just may have never mentioned it you. However, they were probably working it out in private and talking to all their friends about it.

2. Don’t try to get them back

The point here is that it’s over and you need to start acting like it. Don’t try to get your ex back, it will only push them away even further. It’s not attractive to have someone begging you to take them back. Just imagine that you met someone out at a party for the first time and they were feeling really sad and said “please go out with me.” Not a very compelling offer, huh?

3. Be strong and have a positive attitude

Once you stop single-mindedly obsessing about ways to get your ex back, you can start acting like yourself again. Go to the gym, hang out with friends, pick up a new hobby, etc. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourself. I know it’s not easy and there will be times where you want to cry in your room all by yourself, that’s fine, give yourself the permission to do that. However, after you’re done grieving, get back to focusing on your own life.  Be strong and have a positive attitude. Realize that you’re a great catch and any man or woman would be lucky to have you.

4. Do NOT talk or hang out with your ex

Seeing them or talking to them will only give you more reasons to miss them and want to get back together. Or even worse, it’ll make you jealous because they’re with someone else, or are interested in someone else besides you. What’ll make you even more miserable though is seeing that they’re perfectly happy without you while you feel like your heart just got torn out of your chest and stomped on. The best way to avoid all these things is to avoid your ex. Maybe someday you can be friends again but not until you’re completely over them.

5) Think about all the things that went WRONG

No, don’t tell me that your relationship was perfect. It wasn’t. Maybe she yelled at you for checking out some girl when you weren’t and wouldn’t believe you. Maybe he kept telling you about how great the sex was with his ex. Now, realize that these are things that you don’t necessarily have to forgive just because you love them. Get in touch with how you really feel about them and allow yourself to actually get mad about it. You shouldn’t have had to put up with any of that shit. You deserve better. And now that they’re gone, you finally have the opportunity to find someone better.

Now go out there and get what you’re worth!

If you’re feeling confused or frustrated about something that happened between you and your ex, click below to get my advice on how to get over being dumped based on your specific situation

how to get getting dumped

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  • Macc69

    great advice thank you

  • Steve

    I just broke withe the girl i loved the most. She decided to stay with her old boyfriend. My advice to guys is : don’t be afraid to cry. As lame as it sounds. Find some time alone and cry a river if you feel like. It took me a while to do it but it feels much much easier afterwards. And thank you Kevin for your advices, they really make sense. And they help.

  • Lilmissbossy2010

    I got dumped on Thursday night.  Completely out of the blue and so unexpected.  I still feel like my heart is breaking but I will try to take your advice and accept that it is over.

    • Reyes89

      My boyfriend broke up with me on Sunday, it’s been 2 days. And i find myself crying and having nervous break downs through our my day, but every time I stop and think about why I shouldn’t be with him, he doesn’t love me or care about me enough. And do I really want that in my life? Someone to not give a shit about me? No! I deserve better. And even thou I thought he was the one, he isn’t! God has something better for me. & I’m sure you have something better coming your way too! Stay positive!!

  • Amaya

    I got dumped last week. He told me that he doesn’t love me anymore. I don’t know why, and I really need to know what I did to deserve this. I feel like he ripped out my heart and tore it to shreds. I go through waves of emotions… suicidal, homocidal (i want to kill him, not anyone else), then strong and knowing that I deserve better than him. then it starts over. it feels like the end of the world. everything happens for a reason though right?

    • Reyes89

      My boyfriend said that same thing to me as well! He told me he didn’t love me like he used to and didn’t care about me like before. We were together for over 2 years he lived with me! I gave him my all.. But only god knows why this happens. Sometimes people are placed in our life for a certain amount of time to teach us a lesson or gain something from an experience like this. Trust me I felt like my world was over and I was thinking suicidal things as well. It’s been 2 days since we broke up and I’m actually staying really positive, very busy and when I start to break down I just keep in mind that it’s OVER, it will never work because he lost his feelings for me and why would I want someone who loves me just a bit, who doesn’t truly care about me? I deserve better just like you do. Stay positive and remember that soon all this pain will be over. Good luck!

  • Reyes89

    This is truly music to my ears right now. I’m going thru the worst break up ever and this made me realize that I don’t need to beg anyone for love. I was about to give my ex a letter but after watching this video I changed my mind & decided not to.
    Thanks for all this amazing advice!

  • http://www.men2hire.co.uk/ Male Escort

    Great advice!! Though i don’t want to experience such kind of pain,,, I love my man so much that i feel, i wont be able to bear any kind of stuff like this!!

  • sura

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  • Anonymous

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  • finallymovingonpm

    I just got dumped after a very long relationship. My ex started to verbal abuse and no matter what I do it was never good enough. I heard so many bad things about me I started to believe it. Now that its over I can see that’s.this break up hurt but I feel as if I am better off. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING KNOW ME AND LOVING ME AGAIN. I will not allow any one else to treat me like this again.

  • Gennifer Anderson

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  • Enigma

    Hi Kevin, I am really appreciate you for this video. I feel really better after watching it. I was in relation with a girl for more than one year, I loved her, i did my best for her. During that time i catch her cheating on me with another guy. I accept her to back in my life again and that was my big mistake and again she did the same shit, the most painful part is that she even didn’t apologized for that and bumped me. I was silly and i acknowledge it. But now thanks to your advice i am find my path. Thanks. ^_^

  • nelly

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